Cushion Roundup...

Good Evening!
I need to get some new pillows for the living room.  The ones we're using currently include the scatter cushions that came with the sofa, although to be fair they're OK.
So, my roundup includes delights from DwellHabitat and Skandivis.

                                                               Skandivis Remix Yellow Silk cushion.
Dwell Spike Cushion in grey.             

Hmmm.  Looks like I've got a thing for mustard green at the moment!




Right then...
I suppose it's only fair that I offer a glimpse into my home, as it is now.  I'm pretty happy with my living room at the moment-I love my sideboard.  From what I gather, it was made in Portsmouth (local) in the 50's by a company called White and Newton.  We got it in a local charity shop for £50 and managed to get it home in the back of a Fiat Punto!

It took a bit of polishing, but we got there in the end.  Other than the floor, it's the only wood we have in the living room, so it helps to warm things up a bit.


Lust in the bedroom...

Well, good evening!

At some point in the future we will be looking to change over all of the furniture in the bedroom.  It's my least favorite room in the house.  The furniture I have is good stuff, but not to my grown-up (*ahem*) taste.  I had the furniture bought for me as a young teen, maybe twelve or thirteen, and it's solid pine, country style stuff.  I have been searching for AGES for just the right style.  I think I've found it at Habitat!

(I've cheated a bit, as I already have an Eames RAR, and the lamp and cushion are from John Lewis...)
1.  Original BTC Hector Lamp via John Lewis
2.  Habitat HANA low chest of drawers
3.  John Lewis Geo Cushion
4.  Habitat HANA Bedside Cabinet
5.  Habitat Milton Console Table
6.  Eames Plastic Armchair RAR via The Lollipop Shoppe
7.  Habitat HEDY double bed frame



App lovlieness!

I've been going a bit mad on Apple's App store over the past few weeks, and I'd like to share some of my recent Helvetica based purchases...

It works with the iPhone calendar, so there's no need to re tap all your events and things.  This also means it syncs up with your Google calendar, which is a bonus.  Plus, it's much prettier than the standard iPhone affair.

This one is just a bit of fun, I used it to make Douglas Adams quotes look Sexy and then use them as wallpaper.  Not bad for a free app, but all it does is 'Helveticate' your text, left align it and stick it on a black background.  Simples.

This one is my favourite.  I have my phone sitting at work with this running and i get so many comments.  It's a clock that tells the time like a person, ie someone who, when asked the time, looks at their computer and learns that it is 10:37.  They will tell you it's twenty to eleven.

It's also worth noting, however, that my lovely iPhone no longer looks like this.  I recently dropped it in a car park and have a variety of cracks emanating from the bottom left hand corner.  Number one on To Do list-Phone Insurers...

Can anyone recommend a sexy to do list?  I have 2do, which, while containing all the functionality I require, leaves something to be desired visually.

Have a good evening!


Christmas Wish List 1

OK...So first post then.  What with the festive season fast approaching, it seems apt to post some of the lovelies I have on my Christmas list this year...

Here's hoping!

Welcome to my world

Good Evening all, and welcome to my little world.  
I hope that you enjoy the things I share with you, and that you'll enjoy sharing my journey!