Allotted time!

Good Morning!

After sitting on a waiting list for three years, I have finally become the proud owner of an allotment.  It's a half size plot, and in pretty good shape, but there's still plenty of work to be done.  I'll keep you all updated as things grow, and will probably end up posting recipes for my produce too!

Watch this space!


Pantone Colour of 2012: Tangerine Tango

Good Evening all,

It appears I have been snared by Pantone's colour of 2012 already.  Needing a new stovetop espresso maker I found myself in TK Maxx, and came across a tangerine coloured example.  This is what I'm talking about...
 I usually try to avoid anything this trendy, but as with all areas of my life I apply the simple principle of 'if I like it, I'll do/have/eat it'.  It's seemed to work so far.