Owls in the Kitchen

Good Afternoon!

Every now and then, Laura Ashley come up with something wonderously cute.  For the past few months, I've been fixating over a cute, owl shaped utensil holder, but was nervous as to whether it would survive shipping.  Last weekend I was in Southampton, and I came across on of their stores!  Not only did I find the owl (with no postage of worries therein) but they had a 30% off sale, so it only cost me £11.  Cue happy dance (no really, I danced all day).

And above is my happy kitchen menagerie.  I think I will declare Peonies my Favorite Summer Flower.  Now I just need to decide if tulips or daffodils are my favorite Spring flower, then get to work on the other seasons...


Pretty Flowers and Country Shows...

Whilst I get some more pics together of what's going on in the house I thought I'd share a few snaps I've taken recently.  Last weekend we headed up to Highclere Castle for a country show.  We got soaked.
 I've been wearing a lot more dresses recently-even if it IS with a mac and wellies!  We didn't really see that much at the show, but it was a nice day out all the same.  Over the last few weeks we've just been chilling out and meandering.  Last weekend I managed to find a super cute utensil holder for the kitchen, in the shape of an owl-more on that in a later post I think!  For now, here are some beautiful peonies I picked up this afternoon to perk myself up.